Italian Sweets & Dessert Menu

Perfect location for either an intimate dinner or large dinner parties with friends or colleagues, Feast your eyes on our mouth-watering dessert menu, featuring all the classics plus dessert wines and after dinner cocktails.


Layers of sponge soaked with coffee liqueur, filled with zabaglione cream and dusted with cocoa powder.


Soft choux pastries filled with superb chantilly cream, all covered with chocolate cream.


Lemon Pavlova Cheesecake
Traditional set cheesecake with tangy lemon curd and crushed meringue dusted with sugar.


Caramel Brownie Decadence
Belgian chocolate truffle mousse centred with soft caramel on a sticky brownie finished with chocolate ganache.


Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cheesecake
A knobbly crunch base with toasted buckwheat and a layer of vanilla ice cream cheesecake topped with the creamiest caramel sauce with a kick of sea salt, decorated with milk chocolate shards sprinkled with toasted buckwheat for added crunch.


Tartufo Bianco
A coffee semifreddo ice cream core in a Sabayon semifreddo ice cream with sprinkled with crushed meringue.


Tartufo Limoncello
Lemon ice cream with a liquid limoncello centre coated with crushed meringue. Only with Italian lemons!



Affogato al Caffe
Italian vanilla gelato covered with espresso.


Coppa Delizia
Pistachio, chocolate and vanilla gelato, swirls of chocolate sauce and crushed amaretti.


Lemon Delight
A whole natural lemon skin filled with lemon sorbet


Gelato Italiano
Please ask for flavours.


Lemon Delight
A whole natural lemon skin filled with lemon sorbet



Tagliere di Formaggi e Frutta
Platter of Italian and Continental cheeses served with dried fruits and honey


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All menu items are subject to change according to seasonality and availability.

The Best Italian Desserts

Find healthy, delicious Italian dessert recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at Baci.

Gelato is an obvious choice, but don’t overlook Italy’s incredible diversity. Every region uses local ingredients, but desserts change with the seasons (for example, panettone isn’t available all year).

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Italian desserts we’ve had the pleasure of tasting, as well as some fun recipes to try in the kitchen.

Decadent, flavorful and common: Italian desserts have it all. These delightful desserts have a long history, and lots of the them are favorites of most Italian restaurant’s menu.

The history of Italian desserts, also, reveals that torrone dates back to Roman times when it was used in religious ceremonies. This nougat confection is made with egg whites, nuts, and honey and is popular all over the Mediterranean.

Like all countries, Italy has its Italian food customs. Special times of the years, especially Easter and Holiday, are times to start making out all the Italian desserts. All holidays are celebrated with special foods. Italian Easter food always contains a normal Easter pie.

Layers of sponge soaked with coffee liqueur
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