New Years Eve Party Restaurant Stourbridge

Booking ahead for a memorable dinner New Year’s Eve celebrations countdown to 2024

£54.95 per person plus Ticket PP £6 (Total 60.95)

* A la carte Menu​  is available except after 6:30pm New Year’s Eve*

New Year’s Eve Starters

Zappa dell Giorno
Chef’s soup of the day.

Scampi e Gamberoni
Deep fried breaded king prawns and scampi served with tartare sauce and salad.

Gamberetti e avocado
Thinly sliced fresh avocado baby prawns with Marie Rose sauce

Verdure grigliata
A mixed selection of char-grilled vegetables, spinach, and goat cheese with balsamic reduction

Pate d’anatra
Toasted ciabatta bread, duck pate & caramelised onions.

Happy New Year

New Year’s Eve Mains Dishes

Lamb shank
Slow-cooked lamb shank mashed potatoes in red wine sauce, served with mixed vegetables.

Fileto di Manzo
Char grilled fillet steak served with a choice of dolcelatte cheese sauce or peppercorn sauce.

Orata alla Venezia
Fillets of seabream, olives, sun-dry tomatoes, white wine and lemon juice.

Linguine allo Scoglio
Linguine pasta, mussels clams, squid, king prawns, cherry tomatoes and garlic.

Lasagna Vegetariana (V)
Traditional oven-baked Italian vegetarian Lasagne with a mix of minced vegetables, béchamel
sauce, tomato sauce

christmas party

New Years Eve Desserts

Sticky Pavlova



Mango cheesecake

christmas party

New Year’s Eve Party

New year’s eve is a time when people want to celebrate and have fun with their friends. It is not always easy to find a restaurant that has availability on this night.

Baci restaurant is a romantic Italian restaurant and New Years Eve party venue in Stourbridge​.

It’s New Year’s Eve and you’re looking for somewhere special to celebrate the end of the year and start the new year with your loved ones? Do you want to find an intimate restaurant with great food where you can enjoy yourself without spending too much money on expensive new year menus? Then look no further than Baci Restaurant! We are an authentic family-run Italian restaurant in Stourbridge, offering affordable meals from our delicious menu all week long.

Reindeer New Years
Reindeer New Years